Sunday, July 2, 2017

Carolina Creek 2017

The big kids always look forward to their week at The W!ld!  The main theme was "Foreverland"....
This was Emma's fifth year and Owen's second.  Here's a glimpse at the difference between Emma's first year (2013) and present.

Ready or we come, Carolina Creek!!!!!

Upon arrival we learned that Emma would be in the BEAR cabin and Owen would be in the GIRAFFE cabin.  I'm always just as anxious to find out as they are :)

It's safe to say that they had an exciting and crazy fun week!  They got to zip, swim, climb, play, golf, boat, sing and dance!  They always enjoy meeting brand new friends and reconnecting with older ones.  Their counselors are always fantastic and do a great job of caring for them all week long!

Bear cabin girls!

Owen's group enjoyed a boat ride in the lake :)

Emma received the "enthusiasm" award for always being energetic and excited when learning more about her heavenly father. 

Owen received the "confidence" award for always being sure in his faith and in any new activity he tried. 

Cousins make the best friends {and the best fellow campers!!}

It was pretty quiet around the house while the kiddos were gone.  Hudson enjoyed all of our undivided attention but was super happy to see the kiddos when we arrived at camp!!  It was a sweet reunion for sure.

"We didn't realize we were making memories.  We just knew we were having FUN!" -Anonymous

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