Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Hudson at 11 months

Hudson is 11 months old!  He weighs 18 pounds 2 ounces and measures just over 25" long.  His head circumference is 17.75".  He still wears mostly size 9 month outfits and size 4 diapers.  He recently endured some rough days with his first ear infection and cold but is finally back to his usual smiley self :)

We spent Tuesday at Texas Children's for his routine visit.  He started the day in radiology and later visited with a series of physicians.  We were glad to visit with Dr Whitehead in person and he thought that H looked great!  He ordered MRIs on his brain and spine for our next visit.  We were super bummed to discover that our favorite urologist, Dr Gargollo, is no longer with TCH.  Dr Tu will now see him and seems very nice.  As long as everything is stable our visits will now occur every six months.

He now has 3 teeth and we expect more soon!  He constantly chews on everything - including his new favorite snack, crackers!  We find cracker crumbs everywhere :)
His newest trick is making spit bubbles.  He works very diligently to make it happen :)  He is becoming more confident with babbling and his newest sound is 'D' {dadada!}  His little hands have gotten very busy.  He enjoys reaching for plates, yanking on earrings and won't allow us to clip his nails anymore without a fight!  He is such a well behaved boy and loves to get out and about.  He always receives lots of endearing compliments! 

Church nursery workers always comment that he has the sweetest disposition {and we certainly agree!}  When he is one on one with other infants he has a specific shriek and giggle of excitement!  He realizes that they are his size and thinks that it's pretty neat.  He has started gently reaching for us when prompted and pulling onto sides of his swing, high chair and car seat trying to sit up.  We must keep him securely strapped in to everything!!  He still dislikes tummy time but is able to sit alone while holding onto his braces for a very long period of time.  What a strong boy!

He is so long that he must lay longwise in his crib!  He is barely able to be swaddled anymore.  His sleep patterns are a little off.  He usually wakes up several times during the night and often ends up resting best on daddy's chest.  Most days he still only catnaps!  He still adores Emma but has recently discovered that Owen can be pretty entertaining, too!

This month we introduced green beans, fish and tiny pieces of egg.  This little guy hasn't met a vegetable he didn't like but did make a disgusted face at the first few bites of fish :)  He also tried thin noodles, stew broth and a variety of organic mashed up pouches.  We are working on picking up snacks and getting them to his mouth.  He is becoming more familiar with juice in his sippy cup but would still prefer a bottle at this point.

The countdown is now officially on until his FIRST birthday!  We have some fun things planned and look forward to celebrating with our little guy :)

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