Saturday, January 9, 2016

Hudson at 10 months

Hudson is ten months old!  He now weighs right under 18 pounds.  He still wears size 9 month outfits and is on his final box of size 3 diapers.  Lots of people have commented lately about how big he as gotten!

The day before we left Trinity we were able to participate in the baby dedication at DWMBC.  It was so special dedicating Hudson there in front of sisters and brothers in Christ who have flooded the gates of Heaven with prayer during this journey.

Hudson had a wonderful first Christmas.  He was such a good boy this year that Santa brought him lots of fun new toys and gadgets!

Our little mister rang in the new year with his first tooth!  He handled teething pretty well although seemed a bit cranky and restless for a couple of days.

He is such an easy going kiddo!

Nighttime slumber has been a little rocky over the past few weeks.  Hudson has had a hard time getting settled at bedtime and has awoken multiple times each night wanting to eat and/or be held.  Hopefully this is only a short phase and he returns to sleeping restfully all night long soon.  He still catnaps during the day.  The onesie says it all :)

New foods we have introduced this month include acorn squash and chicken.  He has tasted fresh fruits such as watermelon and lemon and really liked them!  He has also occasionally started enjoying itty bitty bites of whatever we are having.  If it is something he really likes and we stop offering bites he gets pretty upset!  He often sees us eating something with a spoon and demands to be fed too!

He is getting much stronger and more determined!  He pushes up from a lap or reclined position by using his elbows.  He is able to sit up straighter and for a longer period of time while holding on to his legs. 

We love this little guy with everything we have!  It's time to start planning a first birthday party :)

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