Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Hudson at 9 months

Sweet Hudson is 9 months old!  He weighs 17 lbs 13.5 oz, measures 26 inches long and is the happiest baby we know!  He fits perfectly into size 9 month outfits and size 3 diapers. 

This next photo was taken just a matter of seconds after the one above.  His little hands have gotten very busy and he doesn't sit still for long!  He ripped the sticker off and put it straight to his mouth!

Bath time is still one of his favorite times of day.  It certainly has a calming effect on him.  He is mesmerized by the running water and loves to reach for water when it is poured on his tummy. 


He is a great eater!  He is still enjoying homemade baby food and we recently introduced green peas and carrots.  He was somewhat unsure about the green peas at first but quickly decided that he approved!  He doesn't seem picky at all and willingly eats any taste or texture!  His favorite snack is Gerber yogurt melts.  Dec 8th was the first time he reached for the spoon.  It made for a messy situation!

He is still such a catnapper!  He sleeps pretty well at night and doesn't snooze longer than fifteen minutes at a time during the day!  He loves to catch my hair in his hand and hold on to it while drifting to sleep.

Hudson was all smiles for his first Thanksgiving and enjoyed getting to visit with all of his grandparents and family members!  He even got to taste a tiny bit of turkey :)

Oh how sweet this bond is!  Hudson has really started belly laughing at her antics.  Whatever she does or says is hilarious to Hudson!  He has shown a lot more interest in reaching for toys!    Sometimes he even falls asleep while playing with the toy bar on his car seat :)
We love you sweet boy!  XOXO

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