Friday, December 11, 2015

Emma is NINE!

As wild as it sounds, our Emma is NINE!  She is technically half way to being an adult and heading off to college *tear*.  She currently weighs 90 lbs and stands 4 feet 5.5 inches tall.  She wears mostly size 10-12 clothes and women's size 4 shoe {we can share socks!}  She is beautiful, trustworthy, joyful, enthusiastic, clever, silly, smart, creative, strategic and caring.  She is the absolute perfect mix of child and young lady.  She is the best big sister and has lots of patience and love for her little brothers :)
She is flourishing in the 3rd grade and has been particularly busy at school this fall.  She represented her school and placed in all district UIL events she participated in including chess {4th}, ready writing {5th}, storytelling {4th} and spelling {1st!}.  She learned 600 new spelling words and devoted lots of time to it!  She made straight A's on her first two report cards and excels in the school reading program.  She has especially enjoyed science this fall and loves the experiments!

She enjoys riding her bike, playing Barbies, reading, writing, crafting and playing board/card games.  This fall she took piano lessons and participated in her first recital this month.  She performed four pieces and did a great job!  She also received awards for memorizing scales and chords.

To celebrate her last single digit birthday we hosted a slumber party with a dozen of her favorite friends!  The girls enjoyed pizza/cake, nail painting, a craft, freeze dance, games, a movie, ice cream at midnight and much more!  There was plenty of excitement and laughter!  The girls finally fell asleep around 1am! 

Photo booth shenanigans!

Each girl put a sweet birthday message on this pillow case which I know she will cherish forever :)


Color: aqua
Best friend: Marisol, Katelynn, the Savannahs, Ashanti, Reba & Rainy
TV show: Bunk'd
Day of the week: Saturday
Month:  December {because of my birthday!}
Holiday:  Christmas
Outfit:  Anything from Justice!
Restaurant: Yummy Yummy
Food: pineapples & pizza
Drink: Dr Pepper
Thing about school: friends
What are you good at?: Making Hudson laugh :)
Where do you plan to attend college?: Baylor
What do you want to be when you grow up?: Author and/or Teacher
What's the most important thing in life? God &  family
Bible verse: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. ~Philippians 14:13

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