Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Hudson at 5 months

Hudson is five months old!  He weighs 13 lbs 15 oz and is 23.5" long (both in the sixth percentile).  His head circumference is 16.9" (25th perc).  He is between size 3-6 month outfits and is quickly outgrowing size 1 diapers.  It seems like just yesterday he was teeny tiny in his car seat and this month we raised the shoulder harness to the next height level.  It was rather tricky to take his monthly photo because he was grabbing the sticker with his busy little hands and was trying to put it in his mouth!
His head/neck control is improving every day!  He still favors looking toward the left but is a good boy and works hard.  He has physical therapy twice a week.  Sometimes Ms Jenna lets him watch a "baby movie" on her dvd (in order to bribe him to look to the right).  He visually tracks things well and especially likes toys that play music and/or light up!  His newest "trick" is grabbing our fingers and using his head to sit up from a flat position.  He often tries with all his might to sit up when in his car seat or during a diaper change.  It's only a matter of time, sweet boy!

 He especially loves to coo, eat, swing, bathe, be held and watch his big sis and bro.  He often protests about tummy time, long car rides and being hungry.  He has recently started clasping his hands together and often chews on the left one.  His baby blue eyes melt my heart!  He loves the attention when strangers talk to him and usually smiles and flirts. 
 He is extra smiley and chatty in the mornings.  He is exploring his voice and acts like we should know exactly what he is saying.  He is ticklish near his neck and even belly laughed for the first time on 8/8.
He visits the Spina bifida clinic at TCH every three months his first year.  His most recent visit was this week.  Clinic days are long and exhausting for all of us but it's nice to get everything addressed the same day.  Conveniently, we stay put and each of his physicians rotate in to check on him.  We saw representatives from neurosurgery, urology, orthotics, the SB pediatrician and a dietician.  Urology was pleased with the healing progress from his June procedure.  He also had head and renal ultrasounds which both looked stable.  Everyone was impressed with how content and smiley he was :)

He sleeps like a rock star at night and seldom wakes up.  He usually sleeps ten hours straight.  Most nights he manages to break his left arm free from the swaddle blanket.  Because he sleeps so well at night he only cat naps during the day and is often awake for long stretches of time.  He often snoozes with his eyes open.

 We sure love this little guy and love to watch him grow and progress!  He adds an abundance of joy to our lives and makes our family complete. 

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