Friday, July 10, 2015

Hudson at 4 months

Hudson is 4 months old!  That's 1/3 the way to his first birthday and I simply can't believe it!  He now weighs 12 lbs 8.5 oz (5th percentile), measures 23 inches long (5th perc) and has a head circumference of 16" (25th perc).  He is still in size 1 diapers and size 3 month clothes.  He lost some hair early on but it is finally growing back on top!
His big sister adores him and he loves to stare at her :)

He prefers to be held and would stay there all day.  He usually sleeps 10 hours straight at night.

He has gotten in the pool twice this summer and isn't so sure about it.  He would much rather to lounge in the chair and watch E & O :)

He is the most smiley baby ever!  It is fun watching his joyful personality unfold.  He is exploring his voice more and often coos back and forth in conversation.  He has most recently started mimicking our mouth clicks!

Hudson has enjoyed some road trips over the past few weeks.  He has been to Waco, San Antonio and Galveston.  For the most part he is a great traveler but eventually gets tired of being trapped in the car seat.  Big brother has the big job of keeping the pacifier available!  

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