Thursday, April 9, 2015

Hudson - 1 month

Hudson is already a month old!  It has been so nice to finally have him home and to all be together under one roof!  We are adjusting well and are doing our best to juggle another kiddo!  He is now wearing preemie and  a few newborn size outfits and size newborn diapers. 
His nickname is "Brother Bear".  He is swaddled to sleep and typically wakes up three times during the night.  He sleeps a ton during the day.

Little man is tiny but fierce!  He is steadily gaining weight.  As shown below, he weighed 5 lbs 10 oz at his two week well child check up.  He now weighs 6 lbs 12 oz and eats every 2.5 hours.

This little guy really likes to be held.  There are always plenty of arms around here willing to help hold him :)

He is not a fan of bath time and fusses like crazy.  He also dislikes being changed, dressed or strapped into his car seat.  Once we start driving he is usually fine! 

Unlike his older siblings, he isn't so sure about the pacifier.  He shakes his head 'no' but finally gives in and relaxes.  He gets the hiccups quite often.

He slept through his first trip to Target at three weeks old.  His car seat took up the entire basket which definitely limited my spending potential :)

Emma is old enough to be a great built in babysitter!  She is very helpful and loves him so much!  She is always willing to step in and offer an extra set of hands!  I predict that these two will have a very special bond :)

Easter 2015 - He is risen!  Our three sweet some"bunnies" :)  Hudson attended church for the first time!

Every good and perfect gift is from above. -James 1:17

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