Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Owen at five-and-a-half

Owen is five and-a-half!  He is growing fast and is such a fun little guy.  He currently weighs 44 pounds and seems taller every day.  He wears size 5 clothes and size 12 shoes. 

Over the past few months he has really come out of his shell.  He isn't near as shy as he once was and is a chatter box to those he knows well.  He enjoys being outside, playing games on the Ipad and playing basketball and tee ball.  He can now ride his bike sans training wheels!

Although it is often a challenge to get him motivated and out the door on school days he seems to enjoy his days.  He doesn't enjoy naptime and often begs me to pick him up beforehand. There is definitely a difference in his temperament the days he rests versus the days he does not.  His school and teacher have been such huge blessings and I can't believe there are only a few weeks left!

He recites the entire alphabet and counts to 100 mostly unassisted.  We are working on rhyming words.  He doesn't seem interested in reading yet but recognizes a few familiar words.  He enjoys all things number related including time.  He constantly asks "how many days/minutes/seconds until...?".

He calls himself an Aggie and loves to give me a hard time about Baylor.  He has a few recorded Aggie football games and loves to rewind, fast forward, pause, analyze and ask his daddy questions.  His sleep habits haven't changed much.  He recently got a new big boy bed but still ends up with us most nights.  He looks forward to sleeping on the couch on weekends.

He is a great big brother!  He is very helpful and is even willing to change diapers!  He certainly seems to much bigger now that Hudson is here.

His eating habits are also pretty consistent.  We encourage him to try a bite of everything but his taste buds just won't budge!  We do our best to include at least one food item that we know he will eat with every meal.  The boy could gladly survive on Ramen noodles or white rice alone.
He enjoys Wii sports - especially bowling, football and golf.  His hand/eye coordination has progressed and he is actually very good!  If you beat him he will not invite you to play again :) 

We are soaking up the last few months before he starts Kindergarten.  We love our Owen!

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