Sunday, November 16, 2014

Owen's first ER trip

They say that there is a first time for everything.  I'm honestly surprised {and very thankful} it took over five years for Owen's first trip to the ER!  After all, he has always been rough, tough and ALL boy!!  After dinner on Thursday evening I told Owen to follow me so that I could start his bath water.  He wasn't being rambunctious per say but began to run down the semi lit hallway just a few steps behind me.  All of a sudden I heard  a terribly loud "THUD!!"  His head had collided with the wall corner.  Without looking back yet I knew this wouldn't be pretty.  He never cried; just rubbed his head.  As soon as we entered into better light in the nearby bathroom I discovered that there was blood coming from an open wound.  I was completely shocked that it wasn't bleeding much more profusely.  I should probably mention at this point that Daddy Coach was scouting a game out of town and that he is much better at keeping calm in these situations :)

I panicked a little but couldn't decide whether or not I should take him to the ER.  I put Owen in the tub and then proceeded to call every nurse I know including my Aunt Kay, my fellow coach's wife, Melissa, and one of my best friends, Mandy.  I spoke with Mandy briefly.  I then called Dr Dewbre, our favorite central Texas pediatrician.  I am SO blessed that she is always just a phone call away and is always so willing to help!  She gave me her best advice and asked me to send her a picture.  In the meantime I texted with Jarrod but he was adamant that no medical treatment was necessary.  

Facebook is often a brilliant tool for quick information!  Our fabulous school athletic trainer, Chelsea, saw a photo and we started instant messaging.  She could definitely sense my anxiety and called right away.  She selflessly offered to drive to our house {after 9pm} to take a look and to offer her expertise.  Upon arrival and one quick glance she stated that it needed treatment.  She was so sweet to accompany us to the Huntsville hospital ER.  The triage nurse wrapped Owen's head like a "mummy" and asked him how it happened.  After that we waited a few hours before being seen again.  Little man got in a cat nap!

Once we were finally taken back he continued his nap until the doctor appeared.  She was super gentle and kid friendly.  She gave him two staples.  Owen was such a brave boy and didn't cry once.  After it was over he was rewarded with tons of fun stickers and two full size candy bars {and even enjoyed one for breakfast the next morning}.

On Friday he was excited to show the football players his staples!  Next week he will have them removed.

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