Thursday, July 10, 2014


Happy HALF birthday!  Our favorite girl is officially seven and a half!!  She is truly such a delight and suddenly seems so grown up.  She now stands over four feet tall, weighs 70 pounds, wears size 8-10 clothes and size 3 shoes.  It seems like she has out grown most of her clothes and shoes so we will have to do some serious back to school shopping!  :)

She is extremely independent, polite, adventurous, inventive, determined and clever.  From the time she wakes up to the time she goes to bed she likes to keep busy and keeps her brother {and her parents!} on our toes all day long.

She is so close to conquering swimming and riding her bike without training wheels!  She is now tall enough to ride some roller coasters and other wild rides.  Her daddy is so excited to finally have a thrill ride buddy :) 

She is extremely competitive {thanks to her dad!} and loves being part of a team.  After each softball inning she would ask "Who is winning?....".  She also takes her Wii sports very seriously.  She enjoys being outdoors and will try any new activity or sport.

She enjoys playing with Barbies and dolls.  She has become very resistant to the idea of wearing hair bows and cute outfits.  I knew the day would come but I'm still not ready!

Current favorites:

Day of week: Wednesday (because I like that word!)
Food: pineapples
Number: 8
Color: aqua, pink and purple
Sport to play: tennis (Wii!) and softball
Why do you want to grow up? A teacher
Sonic Happy Hour treat: Dr Pepper or Sweet tea
Friend: Rebecca
What are you good at? Wii tennis
What is the best thing about Summer? no school!!
Restaurant: Chick fil A
TV show: Jessie (on Disney)

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