Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Magic Diamonds

Emma enjoyed her first season of coach pitch softball.  We quickly discovered that the rules and competition  were light years beyond what we were used to in the tee ball world!  Coaches for the Magic Diamonds this year were Coach Jared {our pastor} and Coach Jarrod {daddy!}.  The season lasted from late February to May and games were held on Saturday mornings.  Some games were home and others were away.  As the season progressed Emma showed strength at third base and defended it most of the time.  She also did very well batting and scored several awesome runs!  Perhaps one of the most exciting memories of the season was a game when Emma got the final out of the game in order to save the victory.  As you can imagine, Coach Daddy was just a little excited :)

Eye on the ball and ready to run!

A huge thanks goes to Grandpa, Grandma and Lita for coming to watch a game!  :)

Sara (my sweet friend and pastor's wife) and I were both team moms this season.  What an experience!!  We did our very best to keep the dug out organized and the girls in correct batting order!  Among the beautiful chaos of tears, chatter and lost gloves we somehow made it through the season!  I must also mention that we did so while also keeping three little brothers under the age of four entertained :)  

There were 13 players total on our team.  What a fun bunch of young ladies complete with sweet and spunky personalities!  I really enjoyed getting to know each of them throughout the season.

Relaxing in the dug out before game time

Magic Diamonds 2014

Our number EIGHT is oh so GREAT!  :)  We are so proud of Emma and her team  for an excellent season!

A walk down memory lane as a Cub, Giant and Ladybug :)

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