Sunday, May 19, 2013

THS Athletic Banquet 2013

The annual THS athletic banquet was held last week.  The kids and I were glad to be in attendance this year (we weren't here yet last year and hated to miss).  

Owen and I right before the program began (this is his crazy smile after "helping" us set up for 5+ hours!  Bless his heart!)

Mrs Coach O'Keefe was so sweet to spend her afternoon at the community center with me to help set up 25  long tables with chairs and to decorate.  I couldn't have done it without her and some other fun ladies!

Each sport was represented with some sort of decor.  Here is one of the table centerpieces.

My handsome hubby was emcee for the evening.  Here he is introducing his wonderful football staff.  Some were first year coaches while others have been coaching since before fellow coaches were even born!!  

Here is the 2012 Varsity Tiger football team.  We are so proud of them and anticipate another successf$ul season!  

The Tigers had a great year and excelled to post district play in eight out of their eleven sports for the first time in many years!  
Tiger Heart award winners:

Coaches' Kids 
(we sure are going to miss the O'Keefes next year but we are so excited for their new opportunity!) 

Both of our kids were exhausted during the events but they sure were troopers!  Half way through the evening Owen asked if he could take home balloons. 

We had estimated maybe 200 attendees max but ended up setting up several extra tables and cooking extra fajita meat.  Such a blessing to have so much support :)


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