Thursday, May 2, 2013

7 Acre Wood

This morning Lansberry Elementary Kindergarten took over 7 Acre Wood in Conroe.  Jarrod and I were blessed to chaperone!! I'm not sure whether or not Emma was more excited to ride the bus or to actually go on a field trip!  When I picked her up this afternoon she said "The bus smelled like gas, we sat way up high and we didn't even have to wear car seats!"  Oh boy!  There were so many fun activities planned for the day.  We lucked out and barely beat this crazy May cold front!

Ms Thornton's class :)  What a great group!!

Emma's favorite activity was the zip line.  She has such an adventurous spirit, just like her daddy :)  One of the teachers was right when she commented that most of the boys were nervous about zipping but the girls had no reservations!!  Ashanti and Emma waiting patiently for their turns...

And zipping away!!!!!!

We were so happy that Jarrod got to go on this trip!  It was nice that he got to step away from his crazy busy schedule for awhile.  Ms T assigned him to three very energetic boys :)  The Kinder kiddos love when he comes around. In fact, so many kiddos move to sit with him on lunch visits and he is sweet enough to share his fries with them :)  He answers to several different names there including "Coach", "Emma's daddy " and "Hey you"!

Emma and Alisa clicked the first week of school and have been inseparable since.  I was assigned to these sweet girls for the day :)

There were many fun and friendly animals in the petting zoo.  They were glad we brought them a treat :)

A quick photo break with some of her best buddies :)  

Loving the mini golf course (they seriously just struck this pose on their own!!) 

I can't believe it's really already May.  Only 21 and-a-half days of Kindergarten left.  How can that be?!?  Our girl has grown up SO much over the past nine months of school and we look forward to celebrating later this month :)

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