Thursday, March 21, 2013

Owen Lingo

We are happy to report that Owen continues to make strides in his speech!  Last month we visited with the speech therapist for our school district.  She had him identify a series of image flashcards.  He knocked the socks off of everyone in the room by correctly identifying 99% of them!!  As I have known all along, his vocabulary is huge.  His new words impress me on a daily basis.  The therapist agreed that his pronunciation is lacking a bit but assured me that he is on track.  He especially needs to continue working on the sounds F, S and L.  I love that he is talking more now and I adore the way he says things.  We often say that he has his own language and his sister is his best interpreter.  Because I don't want to forget, here is a list of his newest and most used sweet words:

"carswul" - careful ("I be carswul!" when he is doing something that he usually needs help with!)

"nuhswing" - nothing

"naush" - fish (he loves fish tanks!)

"One, boo, sree, por, pibe, sees, sesen, eight, nigh, teen, elesen, twell" - counting

"Tinkle, tinkle leetle tar" - Twinkle, twinkle little star

"Deezuz lubs me dis I know" - Jesus loves me this I know :)

"boobaya" - banana (He says "Monkeys eat boobayas and monkey bread!")

"Gotch my bows" - I'd like to watch my TV shows (not yours, not hers, MINE!!  Typically referring to Jack & the Neverland Pirates or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse)

"I just keedin" - I'm just kidding! (such a comedian already!)

"yeemon" - lemon (he often sneaks the lemon juice out of the fridge for a snack ~ so silly!)

"yike" - like ("I don't yike to eat")

"kicken" - chicken (We see chickens in a nearby yard while in the pick up line for sister!)

"wees" - with (I go wees you!)

"curn" - turn (It's my curn to play Wii!)

"gown" - down ("Lay gown in you yap, mama!" Still oh so cuddly)

"Pea sha" - Pediasure (his favorite treat!)

"fweeze" - please

"boojahmies" - pajamas

"tidered" - tired ("I not tidered" at bedtime)

"yungry" - hungry ("I not yungry" at almost every meal)

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