Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mommy & Me art class

This morning Owen and I started a six week long Mommy & Me art class at the Wynne Home arts center in Huntsville.  There are five children total in the class with ages ranging from 3 to 5.  I just recently stumbled upon this place and I'm so excited about their upcoming Spring and Summer activities offered.  In fact, I'm also starting a photography class there this evening :)  First today Ms T taught the kiddos all about lines (vertical, horizontal, curved, zig zag, etc).  We created watercolor castles using the different kinds of lines.  Owen listened very well, followed directions and was even willing to try new things!

Our masterpieces :)

Next the kiddos learned about primary and secondary colors.  Owen loved mixing and discovering how the colors would change.  We started a project that we will finish next week.

Of course he preferred to paint with this big ole brush!

My happy little artist :)  During class we learned that the public library was having story (& craft!) time right after so we headed there for more fun!  I had the best day with my little buddy and eagerly look forward to Wednesdays this season.

"Every child is an artist." ~ Pablo Picasso