Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Under the weather

Very early on Superbowl Sunday Emma hovered over my side of the bed and announced that she wasn't feeling well.    I went and laid down with her for awhile and shortly thereafter woke up to discover that she was burning up.  The trusty thermometer proved that she had nearly 104 degree fever.  Bless her little heart.  We skipped church and rested all day long.  Alternating pain meds seemed to help a lot but as soon as they wore off her fever spiked again.  That evening Jarrod and I decided to take her to the doctor on Monday morning.  After waiting for over two hours, Dr Wells determined that she had her first bout of strep throat.  The last few days have been rough for our sweet girl but we are so thankful for good doctors and antibiotics...and our loyal pup!

I know Emma isn't feeling well when......

Her eyes have that certain sad "look"

Upon retrieving her prescription at Target she prefers to go home to rest rather than browse through the toy department

Her cheeks become red and splotchy

She refuses to eat

She naps.  Period.

She slows down long enough to cuddle

She requests medicine..."the orange berry kind"

She doesn't want anything during Sonic happy hour

She requests to be carried and held

She would much rather lounge on the couch than play Barbies

She prefers to ride (and lay down) in the grocery cart

We pray that God heals her body and that she feels better soon!!

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