Wednesday, February 6, 2013

100 Days Smarter!

Emma and her class celebrated their 100th day of Kindergarten today!  How can that be?!  Time flies when you're having FUN :)

Owen and I were thrilled to spend the whole day with Emma and her class!  Ms Thornton is wonderful!  She organized ten different activities for the students and was kind enough to allow Owen to participate ;)

Ice cream scoops ~ counting by tens!

 100 paint dots (gumballs)

 Stacking 100 red solo cups :)  (Even daddy stopped by for a minute!)

 Special '100' glasses

BFF Alyssa

The whole gang

Each student created a picture of what they might look like at age 100 :)  (The ones E&O made are in the bottom center!)  They also assembled fruit loop necklaces counting by tens, enjoyed 100 piece snacks and so much more!

Treats for everyone (Smarties for the class for being 100 Days "Smarter" and 100 Grand for Ms Thornton because she has certainly made Emma's first 100 days of Kindergarten "GRAND"!!)  We are now on the downhill slide with 78 days left.  


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