Monday, December 24, 2012

Kindergarten Christmas party

Emma's Kindergarten Christmas party was last Friday morning.  I am so thrilled to be her class room mom this year and had lots of fun planning all fun things reindeer!!  First the kiddos decorated their very own pair of antlers:

The reindeer herd is all here!  :)

What's a party without reindeer games?!  We played pin the (red shiny glitter) nose on Rudolph and the winner even took home his very own light up red nose!

The kiddos also enjoyed reindeer candy canes....

Reindeer noses (8 Whoppers and a cherry sour)....

Reindeer juice boxes...and all other sorts of mega sugar loaded goodies :)

Emma was happy to give Ms Thornton her gift!  Since her classroom is decorated in owls she picked out an owl print monogrammed lunch tote and owl jewelry to give her, among other fun treats :)

I am excited to have my very own red nosed reindeer home with me for a couple of weeks!

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