Thursday, December 13, 2012

Emma turns six!

Six years ago we embarked on this amazing journey of parenthood.  It's hard to believe that our oldest now counts her age on two hands!!

Happy SIXTH birthday to our sweet, sassy, strong willed, creative, kind, inquisitive, social butterfly, determined, brown eyed girl!!  Emma counted down the days until her birthday for over month and is beyond thrilled to finally be six :)  She is now 46" tall (63rd percentile) and weighs 53 lbs (84th perc).  She wears size 13/1 shoes and size 6X clothes.  Several months ago we even made the swap from the baby area to the "big girls" section.  She definitely has an opinion on clothing and is not a fan of blue jeans or panty hose.  

Emma loves school!  She enjoys the routine, interacting with the other students, learning new things and rotating classroom duties.  She has adjusted pretty well to the early mornings but it has definitely been a little more of a challenge to get her motivated after having the whole week of Thanksgiving off ;)

She continues to impress us with her remarkable memory, reasoning and reading skills.  Although they haven't yet started working on this much at school, she often reads entire sight word books to us at bedtime.  

She had lots of firsts this past year including her first sleepover, kayak ride, home run and report card. For the first time ever she also had homework, caught her first fish, went roller skating and successfully mastered the monkey bars!


Color: Pink
Number: Eight (because it starts with an 'E' like my name!)
Friend: Alyssa
TV show: Martha on PBS
Day: Wednesday (because we have pizza in the lunch room!)
Outfit: My shirt with the sparkly numbers
Restaurant: Burger King
Food: shrimp
Drink: root beer
Store: Target
Month: Easter ;)
Thing about school: Centers
What are you good at: handstands

After dance class (on Tuesday) Emma chose to dine and celebrate her big day at our new local pizza place, Pizzaolis!  They even surprised us with a fancy chocolate smore pizza baked in their brick oven!  Yum :)

We are looking forward to her party this weekend.  Stay tuned!

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