Friday, June 15, 2012

Home Sweet (East Texas) Home

Hello from the piney woods of East Texas!  We have now been here together for almost three weeks.  Unpacking has been such a long process....mostly because we are working with less living space.  Maybe everything will be in its place by Christmas!  We are trying to get settled into our new routine, although it will completely change again once school (and football season!) start.  Along with any move comes establishing new everything: church, bank, favorite restaurants, grocery store, radio station, activities for kids, doctors, dentist, hair salon and circle of friends.  The list goes on and on.  Fortunately, the kids have adjusted quite well.  Despite the many recent changes Owen is still a champion napper!  

Things are definitely different in this part of the country.  We live way out here.  In fact, I had a very challenging time finding reliable internet service (mostly for work!), had to establish weekly trash pick up (not through the city!) and our next door neighbor warned me to watch out for snakes ("the big ones").  Life is an adventure!

We were so blessed to find this rent house.  Our new area is very quiet and beautiful.  I can't get over the tall  pine trees everywhere!  Our house is approximately 5 miles from the town of Trinity, 18 miles from Huntsville and less than half a mile from the lake.  This is the view out our front door:

This is the first year Coach Smith has worked through the whole Summer.  We are happy to have him home on Fridays :)  He has long days and there just aren't enough hours!  Some of the things keeping him busy this Summer include hiring new coaches to complete his staff, leading weight room workouts for athletes, attending meetings, regularly mowing/watering the football field, remodeling the locker rooms and preparing for the upcoming school year.  He even recruited me to help him paint the field this week (there's certainly a first for everything!).  His football players are participating in 7 on 7 tournaments most weekends and they are doing a great job!

Only 11 more weeks until we dress in TIGER ORANGE and sit under the Friday night lights!!

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