Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I recently heard a voice recording of Emma from right at one year ago.  I was shocked at how much her voice, vocabulary and pronunciation has transformed!  I decided I better start recording her sweet and funny sayings before I forget them......

"I'm isappointed" (disappointed)

"That's disappropriate" (inappropriate)

"I really need to bless you" (I really need to sneeze)

"I'm exciting" (excited)

"Popa gots" (polka dots)

"Camote tatrol" (remote control)

"Here or not, here I come" (Ready or not, here I come -- hide & seek)

(Owen was fussy about not getting his way)
"Owen, when you get big and have kids you can make the rules." (I've said it to her!)

"How does God make ____?"

"Why? Why? Why?"

"Hey buddy, I know how ya feel." (to Owen as he sits screaming in time out)

"Whoppin' spoon" (wooden spoon, which is occasionally used to whoop!)

"God is even bigger than Daddy!"

Emma:  "Mom, am I a baby or a kid?"
Me:  "You are a kid."
Emma:  "A grown up kid, right?"

"Owen, you behave.  You do what Daddy, Mommy and Sissy tell you."
(Isn't he lucky to have three parents under one roof?!)

"(Insert name) isn't here, so let's talk about them!"

"Yes, ___ was there but her hair was not curled."

"How many birds are there in the whole wide world?"

"Did God make Santa Claus?"

"I can't wear thisThis is not fancy!"

Me:  "If you invite Jesus into your heart you can live in Heaven forever."
Emma:  "Do they have cheese sticks up there?"

Emma:  "Do bad things happen to God?"
Me:  "What do you mean?"
Emma:  "You know, the really bad stuff, like ants.  Ant bites. What about mud?  Is mud in Heaven?"

Emma: "Why does God make it cold outside?"
Me:  "It says in the Bible that there is a season for everything (Ecclesiastes 3:1)...."
*Long pause.  Her mind was racing.*
Emma:  "Hmm, you better check with daddy to see if you are right or wrong."

"I want to look fabulous and this outfit doesn't do it!"
"It says in the Bible to wear matching clothes and this doesn't match." (oh my!)

"I have eight boyfriends.  I like ___ best, mostly because he has a funny looking face."

Me: "Emma, will you take your kids to church someday?"
Emma:  "No, I'm not having any kids."
Daddy:  "What if your husband wants kids?"
Emma:  "Boys can't have kids!"
Daddy: "Sure they can...." (Oh boy!)

"Owen, you are my best boy!"

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  1. That girl is something else! Such a great personality! God gave you Emma to keep you on your toes!