Monday, December 13, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday Emma!

Four years ago this past weekend Emma surprised us three weeks early! She made us parents and for that we are forever grateful. On Sunday we celebrated with a party at a local gym. She was such a lucky little girl to have so many friends and family members there.

Princess decor & goodies

Cupcake tower

Making a wish

Playing with a couple of her besties (Brinley & Adelaide)

Opening gifts (what are we going to do with all these toys??!!)

The birthday girl

Our fam

"A daughter is your greatest source of pride and your greatest hope for the future... The happiest moment of your life was the day she was introduced to the world." ~ Bettie Meschler

1 comment:

  1. You are an amazing hostess. I love all the little details.
    We had a great time. Thanks for inviting us.