Monday, December 20, 2010

14 months old!

Owen is 14 months old today!  We are finally seeing a lot more of his cute personality.  He is very cuddly, spunky, loving and playful.  He loves to climb on chairs, couches, people, the bath tub, slides, etc.  He is wearing size 4 diapers and still fits perfectly in size 12 month outfits.  He is still facing backwards in his car seat and will stay that way for at least another few months.  He still wakes up a few times during the night and briefly naps twice a day.  His bedtime has moved back a little and he wants to be up by 6:30 each morning.  Jarrod jokes that he is trying to make me a morning person (but I assure you it won't happen)!  He has recently become especially fond of his daddy and I have a feeling will become extremely attached over the next couple of weeks while he is home!  Owen loves giving and receiving high fives and waves all day long like he is in a parade.  We make lots of new friends everywhere we go.

On occasion he can be found doing this fun party trick....maybe one day he will even do a summersault! 

Pneumonia put a brief halt on his walking and talking.  However, over the past couple of weeks he has really taken off!  He grunts and points if he wants something but his vocabulary is pretty limited at this point (I suppose a talkative older sister has something to do with that)!  He says 'Mama', 'Dada', 'light', 'dog' and 'duck'.  He rarely crawls anymore and is a walking machine!!  I'm sure he will be running and chasing Roxie very soon :) 

Lasagna is still one of his favorite foods (as you can see in this photo)!  Bath time is always immediately necessary after we have it for dinner.  He also especially loves pancakes, poptarts, cupcakes, animal crackers, Gerber fruit snacks and goldfish. 

 Owen enjoys eating breakfast and watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with his sister almost every morning!

My weekly Babycenter update read "If your toddler indulges in fits of can take some solace in knowing that his development is right on track."  Owen can throw quite impressive temper tantrums:

Owen loves playing during baths but doesn't so much care to get clean!

He doesn't sit still....even for photos!  He wants to be up and away!

Owen prefers to ignore the word NO.  He is fascinated by the Christmas tree and has left me no option but to relocate all ornaments to the top half of the tree.  His sister even taught him how to plug the lights in. 

Thank goodness for little boys :)


  1. Yes, thank goodness for little boys! What a cutie! He will be fun this Christmas!!

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