Thursday, April 29, 2010

Just another T-ball practice

There are just over 24 hours left until Emma's first pre T-ball game! She looks forward to practice all week long and I don't know that she fully understands that they are practicing for games!

She is a great asset to the team. She may be the youngest but she is definitely not the smallest!

The uniforms are red, white and blue so I figured why not throw a pink helmet into the mix?! It's important to keep something prissy AND it will be much easier to keep hers seperate (okay, and there was no way E would let me exit Target with any other color)! I'm afraid that a hair bow might not fit under that large apparatus!

The kiddos have lots of fun out there! About half of them are in our playgroup, too! It's so cute and comical to watch the practices and I'm sure the games will be even better!

Coach Smith is very hopeful and anticipates the Cubs going undefeated this season (thankfully we don't keep score at this age)!

If you are in the area on one of the next six Saturdays we would love for you to join us for a game!


  1. I love the pink helmet. She is the cutest T-ball player in the world. Good luck!

  2. sooo cute!! hope she does well in her games. take lots of pics!

  3. Cute! I love the pink helmet also!!