Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy half birthday Owen!

Owen turned 6 months old this week!

Some new things he can do include roll from tummy to back AND back to tummy, hold his own bottle, reach and grab objects, pull his sisters hair and play with his toes. It won't be long until he can sit up on his own. His two bottom teeth are giving him fits and I expect to see them any day now! He seems to be getting more hair but still has very little and might not need a first hair cut until after he starts kindergarden (haha)!

He is an overly messy eater and food gets everywhere during meal time. He seems to love veggies but makes a sour face at fruits. He has sampled refried beans, mashed potatoes and rainbow sherbet. It's funny how much more relaxed we are as parents the second time around :)

Owen has recently started flipping over his right shoulder. Once he gets from his back to his tummy it makes him really mad. He is also able to flip over while swaddled. Sometimes he will fall asleep on his right side. The swaddle weaning process is going to be a challenge....but we're about to get serious about the sleep training process ~ wish us luck :/

He did so well at his check up. He weighs 16 lbs 6 oz (25th percentile) and measures 25 in long (5th percentile). Huge blessings come in small packages! His head size is still just above the 97th percentile (just like his big sister)! He handles immunization shots like a champ and barely fussed!

He loves to be held, spend time in the outdoor swing, look at himself in the mirror, veggies (esp. squash), play with a cell phone, bath time, being on the changing table, Roxie and Emma.

He dislikes the indoor swing, tummy time, fruits, the car seat, high chair and bedtime/naptime.

We are having lots of fun with our six month old and know that we have so much more to look forward to over the next six months!


  1. He is an amazing little boy. I can't believe how fast he is growing up. We will have to get the boys together for a messy squash lunch.

  2. so cute, i love that pic of him not wearing a shirt and holding the rattle toy. he looks like emma a lot in that pic!