Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas morning

Christmas morning is something Jarrod and I look forward to every year! We always do our little family thing in the morning and then make the rounds that afternoon. Jarrod & I always make a sneak trip to Toys R Us and enjoy picking out things for the kiddos.

Emma is at such a fun age for the holidays. She loves the lights, TV movies and even learned a new song (Jingle Bells). She finally grasped the concept of the big jolly man leaving presents. On Christmas Eve she told me several times that Santa was definitely bringing her FIVE Barbies. I was pretty certain he was only bring ONE and felt absoutely sure that he wasn't running back to Target ;) It seemed like Emma unwrapped gifts ALL month long with a birthday just two short weeks before Christmas. Our house is overloaded with toys...and we are very blessed! Emma cheerfully volunteered to open Owen's gift this year but was a sweet big sister and told him everything he got!

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