Sunday, June 28, 2009

Congrats to Zack & Kimberly!!

This past weekend we traveled to Lubbock for my cousin Kimberly's wedding festivities. We really enjoyed visiting with relatives and watching Kim and Zack become newlyweds :) Kimberly's twin sister Amanda was her maid of honor. Her older sisters Stephanie & Bethany were bridesmaids.

Here are some photos:

Here is a beautiful peacock. The wedding was held outdoors at the Spirit Ranch and there were tons of these birds everywhere! They laid eggs, walked around during the ceremony, etc!!

Below is a picture of the cousins in attendance at Kim's bridal luncheon. There were 7 out of 15 there.

Here is a picture of Jarrod & I at the rehearsal. What a beautiful place. It's not quite as HOT as it is here in central Tx....and there was much less humidity!

Here is the sweet kiss.....congrats to the new Mr & Mrs Zachary Hughes!!! Welcome to the family, Zack!

Here is our entire extended family in attendance. Most years we only see each other at Christmas time but fortunately we have enjoyed visiting a lot lately. We had Chassati & Rene's wedding last month and then this one :)

Here is our little family at the reception. This was taken just before it got rainy and windy and everything was moved indoors.

Of course Emma & I had to get a quick picture with the stunning bride!