Thursday, January 12, 2017

Hudson is 22 months!

Hudson is 22 months!  He now weighs just over 23 pounds and is close to wearing all size 24 outfits.  He is such a JOYful kid - you would never guess by this photo that he has a double ear infection!

Tis the season to break out the ole nebulizer.  He hates it - bless his heart!  He has been sick off and on and still has a lingering wheeze.  He was just prescribed two weeks worth of albuterol and budesonide - three times a day X 25 minutes - oh my!

This month he discovered how to throw things - oh boy!  At the beginning of the month he started saying "Emma" and at the end of the month he started saying Owen ("Oweh"!)  He often repeats names and words and it's pretty darn cute :)  He says Katy, "night night", "dada" and "Beau" (the dog).

Daddy gave him a haircut right before Christmas which suddenly made him look older!  I can't believe he will be TWO very soon!  He was very happy to wear his OU onesie during the Sugar Bowl to cheer for Dede Westbrook :)

He is getting lot of great use out of this Christmas gift.  It's a Leap Frog magnetic alphabet bus and teaches letters and sounds.  The very best part is that it is at the perfect level when he is in the stander.

These two blonde brothers LOVE each other!!  They have such a special bond and would do anything for one another :)  It has been fun to look back at Owen's baby pictures to see how similar they look!

PT is still going well.  Since the beginning of the year we have increased visits to once per week.  Jaylon is great with him and he is always usually cooperative for her.  The main focus is still core strength and balance.  Part of the issue is that he has gone so long feeling safe in the tripod position that he is incredibly reluctant to let both hands go.  It will take some time but we are determined to master this skill :)  It's incredible to watch him accomplish tiny goal by tiny goal.  Here he is sitting independently on a backless stool playing like such a big kid :)

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