Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Hudson at 20 months

Hudson is twenty months!  He weighs just over 23 pounds and wears mostly size 18 month outfits.  I suspect he has had a recent growth spurt because of the way he is fitting differently into his stander and high chair.  He is still working on that 15th tooth!  Huddy has been so cooperative with me as we have taken multiple pumpkin photos this season :)  This one was taken at the Magnolia Market silos and is probably my favorite!  Don't worry - he was rewarded with a cupcake!
He has progressively started traveling greater distances by army crawling.  He starts out in a seated tripod position and within minutes maneuvers onto his tummy, several feet away facing the opposite direction :)  He is becoming more comfortable with getting where he wants to be.
He loves to mimic our tongue clicks and sounds.  He intently studies what we do and then does it himself!
 Oh how he loves the outdoors!  Now that the temperatures have {finally!} cooled off a bit we are able to spend some time at the park.  He really enjoys swinging!
He has now gone down to just one nap per day - usually early afternoon.  He also sleeps pretty well at night - he often wakes up once.
 His two least favorite things right now are hearing a dog bark and being handed over the door at the church nursery.  Both really upset him and produce big ole tears :(  We have found that if we actually go in, place him on the floor and interest him in playing he is totally fine!  He enjoys seeing other babies his size and squeals in delight!

He is still a great eater!  The only thing we have found that he is not fond of is lettuce {it's probably a texture thing}! 
I hot glued magnetic strips to the back of these wooden items.  He enjoys playing with them while tall enough in his stander and I'm hoping this will encourage some vocabulary and word association. 

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