Sunday, March 20, 2016

Hudson is ONE!

Hudson is absolutely ONEderful and we love every 18 pounds, 14 ounces 25.5 inches of him!  :)  He is in most size 12 month outfits and size 4 diapers.  He now has four (bottom) teeth! 

To celebrate his BIG day daddy made pancakes.  He had never eaten them before but immediately after this photo was taken he tore them up apart and started shoveling them into his mouth!  He also enjoyed the Mayborn Children's museum and Mr Potato Head special attraction before heading to DFW for a mini family Spring Break getaway.

He sat in a shopping cart for the first time this month and thought his new view was pretty neat!  He is a great shopper :)

 We also discovered that he fits just right in the small shopping cart at HEB :)

He enjoyed exploring the zoo in his brand new wagon.  I see many neighborhood walks and adventures this way!

He recently resumed physical therapy.  Jaylon seems very kind and knowledgeable and will meet with him once a week for now.  She has already given me so many new ideas of ways to work with him between her visits.  Grandpa Ed constructed his very first set of wheels!  This is called a Zic Zac and will help him better explore the world around him the way he wants to.  He is still figuring it out!  He recently discovered his feet so we went shopping for his very first pair of shoes (black Velcro Vans)!

Hudson is a great eater and will try anything.  New foods introduced this month include blueberries, spaghetti and cheese.  He also loves to gnaw on garlic bread.  We recently switched him from formula to whole milk (24 oz+ a day) and he seems to be doing great.  He also tried his first cupcake and gummy worm :)  He is eating tiny pieces of whatever we have so baby food is now a thing of the past *tear*.  He prefers to grab the fork from me and is great at using it. 
He still wakes up several times at night but has started napping a little longer.  We discovered that he sleeps well with white noise.  It is no longer necessary to swaddle him.  His favorite toys are balls, play keys, anything that makes noise and his activity cube.  He has a cute sense of humor and thinks it is hilarious when his siblings play fight, fake sneeze or we pretend that he bit us and yell "ouch!"
  Sweet Hudson, you are the BEST baby and complete our family perfectly.  You bring immeasurable JOY to everyone you meet and your belly laugh is quite infectious!  You are well loved and supported by so many....perhaps mostly by your older sister and brother who adore you and would do anything for you.  Your handsome blue eyes make us melt.  You are brave.  God has huge plans for your life and we can't wait to see them unfold!  Happy, happy first birthday to you!  :)

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