Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Halloween 2015

Happy Halloween from our hippie, dragon and Captain America!  :)
Please enjoy the overload of baby pumpkin patch photos!  Our carpool of dedicated coaches' wives took a slight game day detour in the rain to get pumpkin patch photos of our kiddos!  

The whole gang!  :)

On Halloween morning the kids enjoyed donuts for breakfast and then painting and mod podging pumpkins for fun.  That evening they dressed up for our annual church fall festival and then trick or treating.    

Our sweet hippie :)

Owen had planned to be Captain America for months!!  He looked great and played the part very well :) 


One of the kids' favorite festival activities {besides the cupcake walk, of course!} was the ice bucket challenge!  :)

We dressed up as {super!} coaches' wives - and didn't even plan it! :)
We had a wonderful night and the kids collected more candy than we know what to do with :)

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