Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Hudson at 3 months

Hudson is 3 months old!  He wears size 1 diapers and is almost wearing size 3 month outfits.  He weighs 10 lbs 11 oz and measures 21.5 inches long.  It was definitely a little sad packing up preemie and newborn outfits once and for all.

He has just started to focus and briefly track objects/toys when encouraged.  He dislikes tummy time but our goal is three times each day for a total of 45+ minutes.  He has finally started to enjoy bath time and is usally quiet and calm.  He prefers a warm washcloth on his chest and a gentle stream of water trickling on his head and shoulders.  When cold water is poured directly on his legs they immediately move out to the side.

Hudson would eat all day long if allowed to do so!!  Feedings don't come quick enough for our growing boy!  I've started giving him more formula to keep up with his hearty appetite but he still nurses frequently.  He now eats approximately 28 ounces per day.  He is a great little sleeper but now stays awake for longer stretches of time.  He usually sleep through the night and cat naps throughout the day.   Noise doesn't seem to bother his sleep. 

Although it seems a bit early, his PT {Jenna} suggested we try him in the Bumbo seat.  He usually seems to like it but tires pretty quickly.  His neck muscles are getting stronger!

This month Hudson had has first MRI {out of utero} and did great.  Up until the very last minute the plan was to sedate him.  Fortunately the nurse suggested we swaddle him and he napped beautifully through the entire process without sedation!  This month he also underwent his second surgery.  He had an inguinal hernia repaired as well as a couple of other urological issues addressed.  We are so thankful for Dr Gargollo and the medical advancements TCH offers. 

He does better for long stretches of time in the pouch rather than the stroller.  Super sweet little napper :)

Little man has just recently started to smile.  He has also discovered his voice and coos. 

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