Saturday, December 13, 2014


Emma thinks it's GREAT to be EIGHT!!  It's so hard to believe that she is half way to the legal driving age {and, as Big Daddy pointed out, only a short decade away from heading to college}!  How can that be?!  She is attentive, creative, beautiful, athletic, mature, less gullible by the day, playful, always  busy, rather stubborn and particular and has a heart of gold.  She has lost four teeth to date and has two loose ones!

She weighs 74 pounds {95th percentile} and stands 4' 3" tall {75th perc}.  She is quickly outgrowing size 8/10 clothes and has women's size 3 foot.  It won't be long before we can share a shoe collection :)  We no longer see eye to eye on her wardrobe.  She rebels against 'cute' outfits and hair bows.  We do compromise with headbands!  I gave her this shirt with an '8' on it on the morning of her birthday and she said "I can't believe you actually picked out something I like".  {Seriously?!}

Recently a sweet classmate approached me and said that Emma is a "great friend to have".  Mrs Reddick commented that she wishes she had eighteen Emmas in class.  Those are definitely some of the best compliments a mama can receive!!  She rarely ever has to be disciplined or told to correct her behavior.  She definitely makes this parenting gig easy!

Our girl is downright terrified of shots, bugs and sleeping in the dark.  She has incredible physical strength for her age.  She is still a great eater but has become a bit more choosy over the past year.  She enjoys playing Barbies, American Girl dolls, riding her bike, writing, drawing and reading.

School is going well for her.  She is quite the book worm and currently leads the second grade with reading counts points.  Junie B Jones books are among her favorites!  She often worries about math tests and then makes 100s on them.  She rarely has to study much for weekly spelling and vocabulary tests and math also comes relatively easy for her.  She is becoming the type of student I never was!  She has developed some mild anxiety about her routine.  She takes things very seriously and prefers for things to come easy to her.  She was one of three students selected for the UIL creative writing team and placed sixth in district competition earlier this month.  She occasionally returns home from school disappointed that her fellow classmates repetitively use 'bad' words: stupid, dumb, dang and the phrase 'oh my gosh'.  Little does she know it will only get worse, but for now I'm okay with her naivety.  

Favorites (her responses in orange!)

Color: aqua
Best friend: Rebecca, Alexis, Ashanti, Katelynn and Marisol
TV show: Jesse
Day of the week: Wednesday {because it's hump day!}
Month:  December 
Holiday:  Christmas
Outfit:  'Believe in your selfie' shirt with matching jacket and black tights/boots
Restaurant: Sonic
Food: pineapples
Drink: Dr Pepper
Store: Target
Thing about school: reading
What are you good at?: writing 
Where do you want to attend college?: A&M and Baylor (smart girl!)
What do you want to be when you grow up?: teacher


  1. How can she be EIGHT?!? I remember what I was wearing the first time I held her in the hospital :-) Seems like yesterday...

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