Thursday, May 22, 2014

According to Owen....

Owen constantly keeps us on our toes with the funny things he says and the well thought out questions he presents.  Here is a collection of the most unforgettable things he has said recently.

"Daddy told me to do this!"  (while hugging me)

"I want to marry they.  I want to kiss they!"  (when eating Ramen noodles)

"You don't make the rules of my whole body!"

"I love you just *this* much" (while showing a tiny space between his fingers)

"I'll go potty like a race car" (quick speed)

"No means no!"

"How much did you pay for her?" (asking Jarrod and pointing to me)

"You've got to try this.  It tastes awesome!" (coming from our picky eater when trying something new!)

He calls the Incredible Hulk "Hunk" every.single.time.

together = "to-gela"

stiff arm {football} = "sniff bomb"

Conversation after he finished a snack:
Me: "Please go put your dish in the kitchen sink."
Owen: "No, you can do it."
Me: "You have legs."
Owen: "You have legs, too!"

Some of the deep  questions he asks (and wants real answers for!)

"Why do we have belly buttons?"

"How do babies get out of mommies' tummies?"

"Why do the Little Einsteins never grow (a favorite tv show)?"

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