Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Batter up!

Owen's very first T ball game ever was on Monday!  Words can't explain how excited this little athlete was!  He has been around sports his whole life - and now it's finally his turn!  He looks forward to each practice with great enthusiasm and literally counted down the hours until it was game time.  I couldn't help but think "this is only the beginning....".  

He is truly a coach's kid.  He wanted to know why the scoreboard wasn't lit up!  Even though the score is not officially kept at this age our coaches kept track and the mighty Mudcats opened the season with a BIG WIN!!  I was the proud dug out mom for this game and tried my best to keep our fifteen energetic players in batting order!

This year our favorite player is lucky number 7!

His team's motto is "Eye on the ball; ear on the coach"!  A little pre game warm up:

Put me in coach!!

Owen is already excited about his next game.  He is really having a blast this season!  He says he might even earn a big trophy :)

Owen scored two runs this game.  He paid attention and played with his heart.  He gave 100% and we are so proud of him!!

No grass stains - no glory
No bruises - no story

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