Monday, November 4, 2013

Happy Halloween 2013

Happy Halloween from the Smiths!  Here's a little walk down Halloween memory lane....

Trick-or-treat 2013 from our beautiful peacock and little Coach Smith :)  

Owen didn't settle on a costume until the day of!  He couldn't quite decide among Spider man, a pirate and this :)  He was mostly excited about the whistle and head set (until he realized how very heavy it was....)


Strike a pose!  She wanted me to take a photo of her like this....

Aqua is her current favorite color and it was love at first sight for her with this costume!  She got a little irritated with everyone asking if she was a fairy.  (Hello....those are clearly feathers!)

Ready to collect some candy! :)

Our first stop was the church Fall festival.  They do a great job of transforming the gym into a plethora of fun!  The kids enjoyed the cake walk, bounce house, games galore and way too much candy.  Emma successfully mastered the ring toss six out of six tries!!  After the festival we stopped by a few local houses.

Because of an abundance of rainfall in our area the Thursday night football games were cancelled and Daddy got to go with us!  We are so glad he did :)   


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