Thursday, October 24, 2013

Precious Picasso ~ Candyland

This is Owen's second year to attend preschool (MDO) at Discovery Days, part of University Heights Baptist Church of Huntsville.  He looks forward to school days and we have been very pleased with the curriculum, environment and leadership there.  Owen attends two days a week and has seven other little friends each day.  Last week the kids and I attended their annual fundraiser called Precious Picasso.  This year's theme was Candyland.  The absolute highlight of the evening was that each class performed a song and dance on stage.  The older 3's performed "I like to (jump, clap, dance because He loves me)".  Although our Owen can be very timid he shines on stage!  He was so excited to perform and knew all the moves :)

The kiddos loved the yummy candy bar and enjoyed way too much sugar that evening.  Owen discovered Pixie Sticks and loved them!!

Sweet siblings :)

Each class created and sold their masterpieces.  What an artist!

The kids loved playing the life size Candyland game and Emma even won a king size Hershey bar!

Family Photo Booth

Last but certainly not least, Owen gave us a brief tour of his classroom.  Mrs. Anitra explained how he loves these cool pretend glasses and requests to wear them each time she reads a book to the class!

So proud of his art work :)

We enjoyed the "sweet" evening and consider Owen's school such a blessing!

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