Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Ready, set, SKI!

Our first full day in Ruidoso was spent skiing!  It had been at least twelve years since I had been and it was Jarrod's first time.  I had no doubt that he would pick it up quickly since he is so athletic but I was very unsure of how the kids would do.  Both were excited about trying.  Here is Owen being fitted for his ski gear:

We enrolled Emma in a private lesson and just let Owen get the feel for skiing at the bottom of the mountain. He played so hard that he actually fell asleep during lunch!

Joseph and Natalie (it was also her first time and she did great!!)

After her class Emma was a total ski bunny!  She seriously flew down the mountain with skill and only few down minimal number of times.  Here we are together on the ski lift:

On top of the mountain ready to go!

Lita, Uncle Joseph & Emma (and photographer daddy) all went back for a second day of skiing!

We are so proud of this brave and adventurous girl!  She already talks about going back!

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