Friday, March 9, 2012

Rough and tumble

Our Owen is ALL boy. He is completely rough and tumble and is a total daredevil!  I often joke that he needs a full time body guard.  I have learned to always stay a step or two ahead of him :)  He loves to practice his balance beam skills on our porcelain bath tub and to see how far he can jump off of the couch.  Yesterday at Target I noticed that he wasn't following me on foot as close as he should have been.  I glanced back to find him kicking an innocent 12 pack soda box....just because he could.  While on the card aisle he felt called to punch every price poster with all his might.  While browsing in the clothing department he often loves to snag price tags and hide in the racks.  It seems as though he was born knowing how to mimic sounds of dump trucks, airplanes, trains and guns.  He is very physical, which could very well stem from the fact that he knew how to make the perfect football tackle before his second birthday.   He is in a huge throwing phase right now.  In fact, this week I walked in to find him chunking each piece of fresh fruit (and the bowl) across the kitchen.  While we are traveling in the car he will launch his sippy cup to the front seat upon its completion.  Sweet Roxie knows to keep a safe distance from him as he sometimes gives her a mean kick.  Owen constantly stays BUSY which is proabably why he is still such a great napper!!

Rough [ruhf] : acting with infraction of the rules, turbulent, rowdy, ruffian,
to give a beating to

Tumble [tuhm-buhl] : to topple helplessly down, end over end,
to roll or twist, to perform gymnastic feats of agility, to throw,
cast, put, send in a hasty or rough manner

Daredevil [dair-dev-uhl] : recklessly daring

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