Sunday, January 15, 2012

Parables from the Potty

I'll be honest.  Potty training is not the most glamorous part of parenthood.  In fact, with Emma it was one of the most challenging things I've ever encountered.  She was three-and-a-half  before she was completely out of diapers.  She wasn't enticed with stickers, candy, or even new Princess panties.  What they say is very true....every child is different.  The same method of teaching doesn't work for everyone.

Initially I intended to prolong potty training Owen for as long as I could (at least until he could communicate better)!  He is so fascinated with the Cars potty he got for his birthday.  I figured it wouldn't hurt anything to get him familiar with the idea.  Emma has been his biggest cheerleader!  She brings him water, books, and anything she thinks might help him out :)

Boys and girls are different in so many ways but this one is a BIGGIE!  I think daddy may have to take the lead....

One day last week in particular he sat on his potty for extended periods of time off and on.  For the most part he was happy to sit but with no progress at all.   

That same evening after bath time he took it upon himself to open the lid, scoot on the potty and GO!!  Emma and I had encouraged him all day long and he finally did it!!  We were shocked and proud at the same time.  We cheered so loud that the neighbors probably heard us!  At bedime Emma gently took his face into her hands and said "Owen, you need to do that again next time.  It made my heart happy".

It hasn't happened again since, but I am okay with every step of progress. We are proud of you Ohoh!