Friday, January 21, 2011

Fifteen Months

Owen is fifteen months (one and a quarter year) old!  At his check up he weighed 22 lbs 2 oz (15th percentile) and measured 30.5" (25th percentile).  His height/weight ratios are just perfect together and he is right on track developmentally.  Dr Dewbre recommended starting him on Polyvisol vitamin drops just to ensure that he is getting what he needs.  She also encouraged us to leave him rear facing in his car seat at least until the age of two.

Owen is still fitting perfectly in size 12 month oufits.  He wears size 4 diapers and size 5 shoes.  His squeaky shoes have been a great way to keep track of him this past month!  He walks everywhere we go.  He isn't running yet but can definitey pick up the pace when we say "I'm gonna get you"! 

He is still a very light sleeper and likes to be a up bright and early!  He and I are total opposites in that area.  He follows simple commands such as "hug the dog", "Is Daddy home?", and "Let's go take a bath".  He can point to eyes, teeth and head.  He is such a helper and picks up things I drop, puts sippy cups back in his backpack and closes the fridge if it is open (which works really well because his sister often leaves it wide open).  He has a sweet tooth and LOVES rice krispy treats, powdered donuts and anything shaped like a cupake (including cornbread).  It was a big mistake to ever give him a tiny sip of soda. 

He now has a total of six teeth....2 on the bottom on 4 on top. Today Dr Dewbre said she sees some swelling where his molars will be so perhaps he is working on adding more pearly whites to his collection.

His father is prepping him for football already.

Since his head size continues to be in the 98th percentile it won't be long until the helmet fits perfectly!

His sister taught him how to play hide and seek in this cabinet. He is such a curious little man and gets into anything within his reach!  He has started throwing bath toys into the potty.  Now I know why they make latches.  He likes to sneak over to covered outlets, turn back to us and grin, waiting to hear someone tell him "NO"!  Often, there's no telling what he has up his sleeve.  In fact, walking into aerobics this week I felt something inside his shirt sleeve.  It was a pacfier! 

His vocabulary is growing each day.  His words to date include Dada, Mama, "dah" (dog), "duce" (juice), tee (tree), Sissy, nigh nigh (night night), duh (duck) and "chee" (teeth). 

One of his favorite words is "dah!" (dog). Occasionally he will even give a little "woof woof"!  Here Roxie and Owen are eagerly awaiting Emma's return home from preschool.