Friday, September 28, 2012

Football Friday: candy grams

Several of my fellow coaches' wives, players' moms and & I have been decorating the Varsity locker room for game days.  We also put a sweet treat in each helmet.  One fellow coaches' wife and I came up with the following candy sayings:

Now or later you will look back at tonight.  Give it your all!

Smarties ~ Play smart!

Starburst ~ Be a star!

Candy corn (Close to Halloween, of course!) ~ It may sound corny but we love our Tigers!

Snicker at the Sandies!

Laffy Taffy ~ Laugh at the Yellow Jackets!

Rolo-ver the competition!

Pop Rocks ~ You ROCK!!!

Score a Mound of points!!!

Don't hit a Sour Patch!  Let's go Tigers!

Our Tigers are Red Hot!!!

Keep their score at Zero!

Skor lots of points!!!

Don't have Butterfingers; catch every ball!

100 Grand ~ You are worth a lot to your team! or Your effort is priceless!

Atomic Bombs ~ Our Tigers are the BOMB!!

GobSTOPpers ~ Stop the Lions in their tracks!

Peppermints ~ Your efforts are worth a mint!

Sweedish Fish - Just keep swimming!

Crunch the competition!

Gummy Bears ~ We love cheering for you BEARY much!

Score S'more!

Potato chips or Chocolate chip cookies ~ Chip away at the competition!

Rice Krispy Treats ~ Snap, Crackle Pop to the top!!

Be a Lifesaver for a team mate today!

Whoppers ~ Whop the competition!

Bubble gum ~ Burst their bubble!

Shock Tarts ~ Shock the competition!

Reeses Pieces ~ Tear the Lions to pieces!

Blow Pops ~ Blow away the competition!